Thursday, December 10, 2009

IRS Audits Single Mom Because She Is 'Too Poor'

Rachel Porcaro, a 32-year-old single mom with two boys.

A single mom in Seattle made $18,992 in the previous year cutting hair at Supercuts. The IRS audited her because they claimed she was too poor to live in Seattle. She lived with her parents and has two children. The IRS claimed she owed the government more than $16,000 in back taxes. It took two years and $10,000 in accountant bills to get the IRS to admit she was just being honest. They still won't let her claim her children because they can't determine who is really supporting them. If we could only get the IRS to be as tough on tax cheat Charlie Rangel.

The Consumerist reported:
A single mom in Seattle thought she was playing by the rules. She earned under $19,000 per year as a hairdresser, supported her two children, and shared a home with her parents. Then the IRS audited her, claiming that she simply didn't earn enough money to be able to live in Seattle, and must be hiding something. Two years and $10,000 in accountant bills later, the IRS has determined that she isn't trying to run a scam, but can't figure out who her children are dependents of.

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