Sunday, January 3, 2010

Climatologists Claim They Know the Future, But Can't Predict This Winter

A Eurostar train parked in snow

Computer models can't accurately predict the weather over the next few weeks. The story excerpted below highlights the failure of the UK Met Office to predict a cooler than normal winter. They predicted the opposite. However, anthropogenic global warming believers would have us believe their simplified climatology model versions of weather prediction software can predict a catastrophic increase in the temperature over the next 100 years. They want us to spend trillions of dollars and do long term damage to the worlds economy based on these unsubstantiated predictions. We would have to be insane to comply with out better proof. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. AGW believers have failed to muster that proof.

The Mail reported:
This is our own famous Met Office, which last September confidently predicted a warmer than average winter for Britain. Tell that to Eurostar passengers stuck in the Channel Tunnel for 18 hours before Christmas, the breakdown of their trains blamed on the coldest weather for 15 years.

Not until late November did the Met Office tone down its prediction by saying that there was a '50 per cent chance' of a mild winter.

Spinning a coin could have given the same result ...

If you read the rest of The Mail story, you will learn the UK Met Office is run by an anthropogenic global warming true believer and a former head official of the World Wildlife Fund.

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