Sunday, January 3, 2010

Massachusetts Special Election May Hold Key to Stopping Obamacare

Republican Senatorial Candidate Scott Brown

On January 19, 2010, Massachusetts will hold a special election to permanently fill Teddy Kennedy's Senate seat. In a dirty move to help pass Obamacare, Massachusetts democrats changed the law to allow them to replace Teddy Kennedy for the year end Senate votes on health care reform. Harry Reid's bill passed with no votes to spare. Of course, Republican candidate Scott Brown has an uphill battle to win in heavily democratic Massachusetts. However, many consider Scott Brown an excellent candidate. Strangely, no major polling organization has conducted a poll on this important race. One amateur did his own survey and the results are interesting. Brown does have some elements of the Tea Party movement supporting him. Hopefully, we can get professional poll numbers soon.

From Pajamas Media:
There’s an election coming up in Massachusetts to replace Senator Ted Kennedy. Properly waged by the Republican, Scott Brown, it could become a perfect storm of the health care debate. Sissy Willis proposes that it be made a referendum on the potential national catastrophe being masticated by Congress, with the latest milestone the corrupt passage of the Senate version as early coal in the nation’s stocking on Christmas Eve. It has the potential to be a brilliant political move....

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