Sunday, November 29, 2009

Meet The Republican Who Wants Ted Kennedy's Senate Seat

Republican Senatorial candidate Scott Brown would be an extremely strong candidate in any state but Massachusetts. Even in Massachusetts, he may have a chance. His liberal opponents are busy fighting each other each other in a primary. Meanwhile, Scott Brown is running a solid campaign.

Here is an analysis from RedState:
While the Democrats are embroiled in a heated primary, Republican candidate Scott Brown is quietly running a solid campaign. In most states, Brown would be crushing his fumbling liberal opponents. But this is Massachusetts.

However, Democratic enthusiasm is in the dumps, while Republican enthusiasm is up. And there is a wild card. The election is being held in January, when many “snowbirds”, retirees with winter homes elsewhere, are gone; many college students are away on break; and the winter weather is too nasty for much of the lazy liberal base to get out and vote.

Many believe Scott Brown would be a solid vote against Obamacare and Cap and Trade. Let's hope for a January 19th miracle. A Republican victory would be fitting justice for the dirty trick Massachusetts' Democrats used to temporary appoint a Democratic to Massachusetts' vacant seat as Kennedy's dying wish.

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