Thursday, November 12, 2009

Obama Continues to Dither on Afghanistan

President Obama continues to dither on providing more troops and has rejected all the plans put before him by the military for shoring up our effort to win the war in Afghanistan.
President Barack Obama does not plan to accept any of the Afghanistan war options presented by his national security team, pushing instead for revisions to clarify how and when U.S. troops would turn over responsibility to the Afghan government, a senior administration official said Wednesday.

That push follows strong reservations about a possible troop buildup expressed by the U.S. ambassador in Afghanistan, Karl Eikenberry, according to a second top administration official.

This has to be really demoralizing to the troops on the ground in Afghanistan.

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Scott said...

Unless we develop a comprehensive South Asia strategy, the most we can hope for is a temporary peace in Afghanistan.

What would such a strategy look like? Well, at the very least it requires some moderation of the strategic competition between India and Pakistan.

Without attention to this aspect of the problem, we really are only playing around at the edges of the conflict.

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