Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kruathammer slams the decision to give Khalid Shaikh Mohammed the rights of an American citizen (video)

Charles Kruathammer is at his best in the video embedded below. He eviscerates President Obama's and AG Eric Holder's decision to give the terrorists responsible for 9-11 the same rights as American citizens.
“I’m not sure that FDR, or Lincoln, or any of our war presidents, or Johnson, or Kennedy would take a combatant and give him the constitutional rights of an American citizen and give him a trial in civilian court. That doesn’t happen.”

Kruathammer: Giving KSM the rights of an American Citizen is Unconscionable

Allahpundit had this:
“Contrary to liberal myth, military tribunals aren’t a break with 200-plus years of American jurisprudence. Eight Nazis who snuck into the U.S. in June 1942 were tried by a similar court and most were hanged within two months. Before the Obama Administration stopped all proceedings earlier this year pending yesterday’s decision, the tribunals at Gitmo had earned a reputation for fairness and independence…"

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