Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sen. Graham asked Holder: Will Osama Bin Laden be Mirandized?

Sen. Graham asked attorney general Eric Holder if he would try Osama Bin Laden in NYC. Graham also pressed Holder on the Miranda rights issue. Holder practically babbled trying to come up with cognizant answers. Graham finished by saying,

"I think you've made a fundamental mistake here," Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said.

Graham on Miranda Rights (video)


JB said...

The irony of this is that Senator Graham voted to confirm Holder as AG, knowing his law firm's niche in terrorist representation.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

We have countless tapes from Bin Laden himself taking credit for terror attacks and calling for more. I doubt Miranda will do him much good. And the real question Graham should have asked in regards to Bin Laden is why Bush had eight years to get him and never did. Graham could not care less about Miranda or Bin Laden as long as he gets a minute on TV.

Anonymous said...

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