Sunday, November 22, 2009

Flashback: Obama's Campaign Accused McCain Of Wanting To Gut Medicare And Undercut Employer Health Care

In October of 2008, Senator Obama's campaign accused Senator John McCain of planning to gut Medicare.
ASHEVILLE, North Carolina (AFP) — Barack Obama's White House campaign Monday accused John McCain of plotting to impose savage cuts on government-run health care programs that insure the elderly and the poor.

Obama's campaign also accused Senator McCain of planning to undercut the employer-based health care system.
"This also is a plan which would undercut substantially the fundamental employer-based health care system on which most Americans rely today," he said.

Democrats are now implementing the same objectives they criticized Senator John McCain for in 2008. Every Democrat in the Senate voted to advance Harry Reid's health care reform bill. This bill includes over $500 billion in Medicare cuts and a public-option which many believe will lead to the end of private employer insurance.

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