Saturday, November 28, 2009

Government Health Care Control and Mandates Fail In Massachusetts

Romneycare in Massachusetts has many of the same provisions as the Democrats versions of Obamacare. Massachusetts health care reform was implemented in 2006. It included mandates, subsidies, and micro-manage health insurance policies. This sounds a lot like what the final Obamacare bill will likely look like. How do voters view the success of this state takeover of their health care? According to Rasmussen, only thirty-two (32%) of the state’s voters consider that reform a success. Thirty-six percent (36%) consider Massachusetts health care reform a failure.

Twenty percent (20%) now say that the state’s reform effort has made health care more affordable while 31% say just the opposite. Thirty-nine percent (39%) believe it’s had no impact on prices and 11% are not sure.

Sixteen percent (16%) say the Massachusetts reform has improved the quality of care in the state while 24% believe the quality of health care in the state has gotten worse. Most, 51%, say there has been no impact on the quality of care.

Claims of savings from health care reform in Massachusetts have been thoroughly debunked and the Massachusetts Medical Society reported that the average wait time for a new patient looking for a primary care doctor ranged from 36 to 50 days, even though Massachusetts has the highest concentration of doctors nationwide. Why do the Democrats want to spend $1 trillion to implement this system nationwide?

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