Saturday, December 17, 2011

Democrats Cave on Keystone Pipeline?

In one of President Obama's dumbest moves, he delayed a decision on the Keystone pipeline and threatened to veto legislation including it. Republicans have called his bluff and it looks like Democrats are on board too. The Keystone pipeline will create jobs immediately and is supported by unions. Environmentalists oppose the pipeline.

Via Townhall:
...A senior GOP source tells me that Democrats have agreed to a two-month extension of the temporary payroll tax cuts -- plus unemployment benefits and the "doc fix" -- with some extra Christmas goodies for conservatives.  Quote: "Two-month extension, PLUS Keystone.  Fully paid for; no tax hikes.  Hallelujah."  Rumors are flying that the president is preparing to retreat from his ill-advised veto threat over Keystone, as conservatives, Democrats, and labor unions have rallied around it:
White House spokesman Jay Carney declined several opportunities to say that President Barack Obama would veto the tax cut if it contained language aimed at expediting the Canada-to-Texas Keystone XL pipeline project. Obama last week said he would reject efforts to tie the pipeline to the payroll tax…Carney told reporters he would not comment on what language regarding the pipeline would be acceptable to the president.

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Anthony said...

A recent study conducted by the University of Calgary reveals that if pipeline capacity existed to take full advantage of the oilsands, Canada's economy would see a $131 billion boost between 2016 and 2030. I think the economic argument should prevail in this debate given the fact that the energy sector in Canada has become a key factor that contributes a great deal to the country’s trade surplus every year.