Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Good News: MoveOn.org sends E-Mail suggesting that the activist group could go belly-up without more donations

Via Washington Whispers:
“Imagine if MoveOn disappeared?” That’s the warning in a shocking new E-mail from the left-leaning organizing group that has done so much since 1998 to elect Democratic candidates like President Obama.
Executive Director Justin Ruben suggests that the activist group could go belly-up if supporters don’t raise $400,000, and fast.
“Imagine if MoveOn disappeared and the work so many people do through MoveOn stopped happening altogether. Not to get technical, but it would be bad. To avoid that — to keep MoveOn going and growing — costs money, even though we keep our staff small and work from home to keep overhead low. Right now, to make ends meet, we need to raise $400,000 by the end of the year,” writes Ruben.
Even a shrunken MoveOn would be a blow to Democrats in the upcoming 2012 elections.
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1 comment:

Da Curly Wolf said...

1. don't give me such happy thoughts...I might be inclined to gloat.
2. they'll get their donations. Sometimes I swear these liberal nutjob organizations are like Bebe's kids...they don't die they just multiply.