Saturday, December 17, 2011

Even Democrats Doubt Obama Will Be Re-Elected

Only 39% of Democrats believe it is very likely Obama will be re-elected.

Via IBD:
If recent news stories are to be believed, President Obama’s reelection team thinks the prospect of this winning a second term have improved as Republican nomination battle continues and the economy shows some small signs of life.
But a new IBD/TIPP poll suggests that most people, and even most Democrats, don’t rate Obama’s chances of victory in 2012 high at all.
The national poll asked people how likely they think it is that Obama will win the November 2012 election. Only 23% said they think it’s “very likely,” with the rest offering more lukewarm assessments of his chances.
Even among Democrats, only a little more than a third (39%) believe he’s very likely to get reelected, with 46% saying he’s “somewhat” likely to do so, and 14% saying that his winning isn’t likely to happen.
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