Friday, November 2, 2012

13% of Obama's voters in 2008 are defecting to Romney...

There is no way Obama can win if these numbers are true. That would be 8,694,690 votes less based on Obama's 2008 totals.  That's more than Obama's victory margin over McCain and Republican turnout is expected to be up significantly. Plus, another 3% of 2008 Obama voters are undecided and could break for Romney.

Via WaPo:
Barring some kind of last-minute surge, President Obama is going to fall well shy of the 52.9 percent  he won in the 2008 election. It might still be good enough to win, but it won’t be resounding.
But just who exactly has deserted Obama over the last four years?

Two weeks of Washington Post-ABC News tracking poll interviews find 84 percent of likely voters who supported Obama in 2008 support him this year, while 13 percent say they are switching to Romney and 3 percent are backing others or haven’t made up their mind yet.

The chart below shows the erosion of Obama’s 2008 coalition among many key demographics: Read more here...

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