Sunday, May 30, 2010

Liz Cheney Rips Obama’s Oil Spill Leadership: “A Gift for Reading the TelePrompter Is Not the Same as Leadership” (Video)

Liz Cheney rips President Obama as a man of "words only." She points out his lie about promising the "most transparent administration in history." Then, Cheney rips his lack of leadership concerning Afghanistan and the BP oil spill.
"You've got a President who thinks saying something makes it so..."

Hat tip Gateway Pundit.


Randy-g said...

I hope Liz continues with a political career of her own, she is one sharp woman!

petewestwood said...

Makes us wonder, is Liz looking for a visit to the loony bin, raising new money behind our backs, or just having us all on this memorial weekend. We’d like to think the latter…