Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Facepalm: Mythbusters accidentally shoots house with cannonball

Well, that settles the myth about cannonballs being able to penetrate houses. It's true.
The Alameda Sheriff PIO, JD Nelson said a projectile from an Alameda County firing range, in Dublin,  accidentally missed its intended target. Instead, the object blasted through the wall of a home near Tassajara Rd & Somerset Lane. 

The projectile reportedly entered the home through one wall and exited through another. It also damaged a vehicle in the neighborhood.

According to the Alameda Sheriff, the cannonball "took a few unfortunate bounces" during a Mythbusters experiment gone awry. 

The Mythbusters' Twitter account retweeted a post from one of their own, Grant Imahara, stating the team was to be working with such artillery. Grant's original post (along with photo) has since been removed.

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