Thursday, December 1, 2011

President Obama: “I’m going to need another term to finish the job,”

By "finish the job," Obama means the destruction of the U.S. economy and the end of the American dream.
NEW YORK (AP) — Blending governing with re-election politics, President Barack Obama roused a cheering northeast Pennsylvania crowd Wednesday as he warned of a “massive blow to the economy” if Republicans block a payroll tax extension.
But hours later, addressing donors in New York, he toned his rhetoric down and declared progress was possible. [...]
Obama took to the road with a dual pitch for money, campaigning for more cash in the pockets of U.S. workers – and for his campaign treasury as well.
Obama told one group of donors that he still needs to make sure that key aspects of the health care law get implemented in 2014, that banking regulations are enacted and that energy policies are updated.
“I’m going to need another term to finish the job,” he said.
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