Thursday, January 19, 2012

68 of 350 Obama campaign bundlers got administration jobs

Pay for play?

 Via Daily Caller:
President Barack Obama’s top 350 bundlers in the upcoming 2012 election have already snagged 68 high-status jobs in the administration, and 250 have landed resume-boosting invites to White House events, according to a study released Thursday by a left-of-center media foundation.
The report, by the Center for Public Integrity, also said that 30 of the bundlers are tied to government-related companies on Wall Street, in the green-tech sector or in the defense sector.
The report defines bundlers as people who contact their friends to collect and forward political contributions starting at $50,000 and climbing to more than $500,000.
The report was produced a day after Obama’s 2012 campaign released a TV ad congratulating the president for ethical propriety. Titled “Unprecedented,” the ad claimed that Obama “kept a campaign promise to toughen ethics rules.”
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I guess Obama is creating some jobs for those who raise a lot of cash anyway.

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