Saturday, January 28, 2012

Former Obama buddy Hugo Chavez want to "shake hands again" with Obama

Birds of a feather flock together...
(AFP) — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said he wants to “shake hands” with his US counterpart, Barack Obama, and have “good relations” with Washington if the two leaders are reelected this year.

“Here we’re going to win the elections on October 7 and Obama is probably going to win. With us winning here… if Obama wins there… hopefully we can shake hands again and talk and have better relations,” Chavez told reporters at the presidential palace in Caracas on Friday.

The Venezuelan leader made the remarks in response to statements by Obama, who said Thursday in an interview that “there is a tendency on the part of the Venezuelan government to use the United States as an excuse for some of its own mistakes.”

However, he also said he would like to see “improved relations with Venezuela.”

When a reporter read Obama’s remarks to Chavez, the Venezuelan president said, “I prefer to emphasize that last one,” referring to the American president’s desire for improved relations. Keep on reading...

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