Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Poll: 51% of likely voters want Keystone oil pipeline built

The Keystone oil pipeline is yet another issue President Obama is on the wrong side of with voters.

Via Washington Whispers:
President Obama is on the losing side of the fight over building the Canada-to-Texas Keystone oil pipeline, with most Americans in two new polls favoring construction even if it is an environmental threat.
Two new Rasmussen polls confirm GOP charges that Obama’s move last week was aimed at wooing liberal environmentalists irked at his first three years in office.
In one poll published Monday, Rasmussen found that 56 percent of likely voters at least somewhat favor the pipeline, with 36 percent strongly favoring it. Just 27 percent are opposed.
And in a new poll just out, Rasmussen found that even more, 59 percent, believe creating jobs is more important than protecting the environment, a sure sign of the economic plight in the nation. Just 29 percent say that the environment trumps jobs.
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