Saturday, March 23, 2013

Actual BuzzFeed Headline: "Is Hillary Clinton Too Conservative To Become President?"


Is Hillary Clinton Too Conservative To Become President?

Can the Democratic Party's next presidential nominee be a candidate who favors the death penalty, opposes marijuana decriminalization, objects to driver's licenses for undocumented immigrations, calls for a pathway to legal status over citizenship, and gets beat on a marriage-equality endorsement by Republican Senator Rob Portman?

Hillary Clinton could soon find out.

Clinton's statement in support of same-sex marriage this week — made by way of a five-minute, direct-to-camera video explicating the ways in which her personal views on the issue have been "shaped over time" — was a sure sign that the potential presidential candidate is still in the game and ready to revisit a campaign platform that has been all but frozen in amber since she left the political stage for the State Department four years ago. Keep on reading...

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Anonymous said...

Shes already changing her positions to run for President.