Saturday, March 23, 2013

Irony: The man who banned the 'Big Gulp" criticizes the man who banned 10 round magazines...

Bloomberg on Cuomo...

Via Politicker:
When Governor Andrew Cuomo quickly passed tough new gun control measures in January, he faced a raft of criticism for skipping the standard deliberative period and allegedly ignoring the more minute legislative details. The criticism recently found new substance with the bill’s apparently unworkable 7-bullet magazine requirement, which Albany is now working to reverse. And, on his weekly radio show with John Gambling, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that “one criticism” may indeed have merit.

“This is true of a lot of things,” Mr. Bloomberg said after accusing an unrelated City Council bill of having unintended side-effects. “You asked before about the magazines in Albany. We just got to start to thinking a little bit more about the implications of things before we rush to legislate and rush to legislate everything.”

Mr. Bloomberg said allowing additional time to read legislation could have helped avoid this sort of sticky situation, but maintained his “100 percent” support for Mr. Cuomo’s efforts on the gun issue overall.

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