Monday, March 25, 2013

If you think Biden's Paris hotel room was expensive, check out what his limo service cost...

The hotel was $585,000. The limo service was another $321,665. Geez...
(CNN) If you think Paris is expensive, the City of Light costs a lot more when you’re traveling with the vice president.
Recent documents posted to a government website give a rare glimpse of Vice President Joe Biden’s overseas travel expenses.
Official business took him last month to Europe, a trip that included a bill of $585,000 for his one-night stay in Paris.
Also on the receipt was $321,665 for a limousine company and $459,338.65 for a hotel stay in London.
And while Biden was only in each town for one night, the London hotel bill, for example, included 136 rooms for multiple nights for his advance team, according to the documents posted on the website for Federal Business Opportunities and unearthed by the conservative magazine, The Weekly Standard.
Whether or not the figures were posted online intentionally remain unclear, as similar reports for previous overseas trips could not be located on the same website.

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