Friday, December 20, 2013

Obama throws insurance companies under the bus...

It's hard to work up any sympathy for health insurance companies. They willingly plotted this Obamacare disaster with Obama and democrats. Even though they undoubtedly didn't like the new rules and regulations, the idea of the government forcing 40 million Americans to buy their product was too much for their greedy souls to resist. Insurance companies willingly screwed their loyal customers in exchange for expected future profits. There is just one problem with their plan. They trusted Obama. Many of the recent emergency changes to provide political cover to Obama and democrats have carried a high price for insurance companies. Now, Obama is letting people who had their insurance canceled, but bought overpriced Obamacare plans, to cancel them and return to catastrophic plans. This will cause many young healthy people to leave the Obamacare insurance pools. Insurance companies are going to loose their butts next year and have to hope Obama will bail them out. They are completely at the mercy of a man they can't trust.

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