Monday, December 23, 2013

Obama's Obamacare enrollment is fake like everything else about him...

Obama's identity could not be verified in government database when they tried to sign him up for Obamacare.

. . . The aide added that Obama only signed himself up, and not the rest of the First Family. Obama also did not enroll through the troubled or the D.C. exchange’s website. Aides signed him up in person over the weekend, due to the “complicated nature of the President’s case,” the White House aide said. Some of Obama’s personal information is not readily accessible on the government databases used by the website for identity verification.
 Obama's personal info is not available on the government databases? Really? Why not? The rest of us have our data in there and we are far more susceptible to identity fraud. No one is going to steal Obama's id and pose as Barack Obama. There have long been claims Obama is using a fraudulent social security number. This will add fuel to that fire.


Anonymous said...

What? they couldn't document a Kenyan with a fake CT SS number?

Who knew?

Armigerous said...

Horace Manewer