Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Report: 57,000 businesses have posted "guns welcome" signs...


Via Breitbart
Moms Demand has persuaded just five businesses -- Target, Chipotle, Jack in the Box, Chili's, and Sonic -- to ask customers to leave their guns at home. They were also able to pressure a sixth business, Starbucks, into asking open carry practitioners not to be so flamboyant about visibly carrying guns in their stores.
That's a total of six businesses, which is 56,994 less than the current total of those who are embracing guns in their bars, restaurants and other businesses.
The Washington Times reports that one of the businesses welcoming guns is Chicken Express in Bossier City, Louisiana. That particular Chicken Express did a special, one-time Saturday night give-away where patrons "who showed up with a concealed carry license... received a free combo meal." The store owner said it was the busiest Saturday night his restaurant ever had.
Other businesses on the "guns welcome" list include Leesburg, Virginia's The Cajun Experience. They have a weekly Wednesday night special encouraging patrons to come with a handgun either concealed or carried openly. 

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