Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Elena Kagan Will Add New Diversity To Supreme Court

No. It's not what you are thinking. Elena Kagan will join two other liberals female Justices from New York on the Supreme Court. Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx will be represented if Kagan is confirmed. Liberal New Yorkers are Taking over the Supreme Court.

Power Line reported:
If Elena Kagan is confirmed, as she is expected to be, the Supreme Court will contain three female Justices. And it will be a diverse group of women too -- one originally from Brooklyn, one originally from Manhattan, and one originally from the Bronx.


FeeVert said...

Oh, great, just what we need: people who hate the rest of America, who've never seen the rest of America, & who think they're better than the rest of America passing judgement on us. How is that fair or impartial, exactly?

10ksnooker said...

Her views on free speech may make it hard to know what is going on.


She must not be confirmed.

Anonymous said...

OK. I'll say it. She looks like a man.