Saturday, May 8, 2010

Socialism Fails for NewsWeek and They Hang Out the "For Sale" Sign

The liberal dinosaur media is suffering another deathblow. Newsweek magazine has been put up for sale because the parent company can see "no path to profitability for the money-losing magazine." Instead of pretending to be unbiased while parroting the lefts viewpoint, they should have tried to provide balanced coverage. There aren't enough liberals in America at this time to support the large liberal media infrastructure.

WaPo reported:
The Washington Post Co. is putting Newsweek up for sale because the company can foresee no path to profitability for the money-losing magazine, The Post Co. said Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

The liberal mainstream media is dead. They have been killed by FOX News and the blogosphere. Unfortunately, the rotting corpse will still be around for a few more years.