Saturday, December 3, 2011

Herman Cain expected to drop out today

Reportedly, Herman Cain will drop out today to protect his family.


ChiNowhereGirl said...

Thanks so much for posting this. I'm kind of depressed now. I feel so bad for him and his family.

I am so sick and tired of all the accusations. I am also tired of hearing one of the co-hosts of our local Chicago FOX radio station's morning show constantly talking about how guilty Herman Cain is.

WIND radio had Sharon Bialek and Gloria Allred on the phone talking about Ginger White the other day.

I think I have good instincts and pay attention to my gut feelings. I have also lived in Cook (Crook) County all my life. Because of this and knowing how Obama, the left, the MSM, etc., are - I say bull crap!

Aren't all of his accusers white women? Oh sure, make him appear worse. There are still black women out there who don't like white women taking their men and white guys who don't like white women with black men. I know this from personal experience.

It is all a setup.

Does anyone know, or remember, how Obama even won the 2004 Illinois Senate race? It was fixed and the Republican party had several great candidates. In the beginning, that is.

This is starting to sound so familiar!!

I tried googling that race in 2004 and nowhere could I find the whole story. Jack Ryan, who won the Republican primary, was not the only one forced to drop out. I remember at least one other after they smeared him.

Here's a quote from the guy who ran against Obama. You gotta read up on this guy, too. A black conservative. Oh, and he was from Maryland. Long story...

"On the radio program, Keyes explained that his refusal to congratulate Obama was "not anything personal," but was meant to make a statement against "extend[ing] false congratulations to the triumph of what we have declared to be across the line." He said that Obama's position on moral issues regarding life and the family had crossed that line. "I'm supposed to make a call that represents the congratulations toward the triumph of that which I believe ultimately stands for... a culture evil enough to destroy the very soul and heart of my country? I can't do this. And I will not make a false gesture," Keyes said."

If you go to Wikipedia and put in: United States Senate Election Illinois 2004, you can read the whole story. -ChiNowhereGirl on Twitter

Interested Bystander said...

Hey All,

Well the media and the Democrats got what they wanted today.

I hope Cain reconsiders.