Thursday, January 17, 2013

Will Obama ban fast cars someday?

If a young male decided to suicide by driving 100 mph down the  interstate highway the wrong way and deliberately crashing head on into a school bus, killing 20 elementary school students, would Barack Obama issue 23 executive orders on vehicle safety and speeding while calling on Congress to ban fast cars and governor new vehicles to 70 mph? I find this analogy very informative and strikingly similar to the Sandy Hook massacre. I suspect we know the answer to the question I posed. Cars and speeding wouldn't be the issue. If Obama and liberals focused on anything, it would be mentally disturbed and suicidal youth. The truth is Obama and liberals hate guns because they help insure American's freedom from tyranny. They never let a good crisis go to waste...

Note: An indecent similar to this happened in 1988 near Carrolton, KY. Larry Wayne Mahoney crashed head on into a church bus while driving down the interstate highway in the wrong direction at a very high rate of speed. Twenty-seven, mostly young people, were killed. It was one of the most horrific vehicle accidents in American history. The accident wasn't intentional. Mahoney was intoxicated and received a sentence of 16 years in prison for his crime. There were strong calls for tougher laws on people's actions (drunk driving), but nobody suggested banning black Toyota pickup trucks.

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