Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Amusing: New OFA kick off meeting draws less than 100 people...

That hopey-changey feeling is gone...

Via WaPo:
The founders of Organizing for Action, the nonprofit group formed from President Obama’s reelection campaign organization, kicked off a two-day summit Wednesday by saying they would work to pass the president’s policy agenda but not to elect political candidates.
But OFA’s leaders said the group should be celebrated because it aims to mobilize grass-roots supporters to fight the status quo in Washington and help pass Obama’s domestic agenda, including overhauls of the nation’s immigration and gun laws. [...]
Fewer than 100 people attended Wednesday’s opening session of a two-day summit at the St. Regis, an upscale hotel just two blocks from the White House. Many of the Democratic Party’s biggest benefactors did not attend.
Attendees included a few donors, but were mostly volunteers and former White House and campaign staffers. They heard opening speeches by Messina and other founders, including longtime Obama adviser David Plouffe, and then held private strategy sessions. Obama is scheduled to address the group at a dinner Wednesday, with more strategy sessions planned for Thursday.

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