Saturday, April 20, 2013

No immediate Miranda rights for Tsarnaev

If Obama had any sense, he would tale Tsarnaev to Gitmo and waterboard him...

Via ABC News:
Tsarnaev is in "serious" condition at a hospital tonight, Davis said.

A senior Justice Department official told ABC News that federal law enforcement officials are invoking the public safety exception to the Miranda rights, so that Tsarnaev will be questioned immediately without having Miranda rights issued to him.

The federal government's high value detainee interrogation group will be responsible for questioning him.

The Miranda exemption exists to protect the public safety from another attack, according to the official.

The capture was quickly followed by a press conference with a host of law enforcement officials, ranging from the Boston police commissioner to the FBI and the U.S. Attorney who will ultimately prosecute the case, all of whom praised the work of officers and the public.

President Obama condemned the actions of the bombers today, though he warned the public not to jump to conclusions about motivations.
Obama doesn't want people to jump to the obvious conclusin Islamic Jihad has come to Boston? Really? 

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