Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rep Hank Williams (D-ranged) is worried about "sequestration" and a "world without ballons"

Hey, did Guam ever finally tip over? 

“Mr. Speaker, like a kid at a carnival, I rise in full support of HR 527, The Responsible Helium Administration and Stewardship Act of 2013.
Mr. Speaker, I’m relieved that and I’m sure that the American people are relieved as well that Congress is finally going to do something about one of the most pressing issues of the day, that is… we’ve got to ensure access to helium for all.
Surely those harmed by sequestration and those harmed by the Republican failure to appoint budget conferees appreciate the House spending two full legislative days on this most critical issue. The American people certainly understand the fact that 48 of this House’s precious time was necessary to pass such a non-controversial bill.
I’m pleased to support this bill which shows that this Tea Party congress will make the tough choice to keep children’s birthday parties on schedule and give industries that rely on helium the lift that they deserve.
Imagine, Mr. Speaker a world without balloons. How can we make sure that the injustice of there being no helium for comedians to get that high-pitched voice that we all hold near and dear to our hearts.
Imagine a world without balloons. Today the House has chosen to simply float above it all. And finally we are going to do something for the American people and we should all pat ourselves on the back for that.

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