Tuesday, September 9, 2014

#ObamaCare support continues to slide...

The more people learn what is in it, the more they dislike it. I am surprised 60% claim they have not been affected. Most people get their health insurance from their employer and employers are making changes to avoid the "Cadillac Tax." I have had my out-of-pocket expenses hiked two years in a row. Some employers may be afraid to place the blame on Obamacare. Many businesses rely on government contracts or favorable regulations and may be afraid of retaliation. The Obama administration is well known for targeting their political enemies.

Via The Hill:
Public approval of ObamaCare continued to sink this summer, issuing the latest warning for vulnerable Democrats who will face voters this fall after backing the law.
Just 35 percent of voters now support the Affordable Care Act, down 3 percentage points from May, according to a monthly poll by the Kaiser Health Foundation released on Tuesday. Support for the healthcare overhaul law once stood at 50 percent, just weeks after it was signed in 2010. 
The percentage of voters who are dissatisfied with the law is also slipping as a larger share of respondents said they didn’t have an opinion. A total of 47 percent of voters said they feel negatively about the law, down from an all-time negativity rating high of 53 percent in July.
Healthcare remains one of the most important issues in midterm elections, ranking only behind the economy and jobs as voters’ top issue. Still, four years after its passage, nearly 60 percent of voters said they have not felt any direct impact of the law, according to the poll.

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