Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In Iran the votes have been counted. All 132% of them.

One Iranian Provence recorded a voter turnout of 132%. Another had a turnout of 120%. Now that is fraud you can believe in.
The Guardian reported:
Turnouts of more than 100% were recorded in at least 30 Iranian towns in last week's disputed presidential election, opposition sources have claimed.

In the most specific allegations of rigging yet to emerge, the centrist Ayandeh website – which stayed neutral during the campaign – reported that 26 provinces across the country showed participation figures so high they were either hitherto unheard of in democratic elections or in excess of the number of registered electors.

Taft, a town in the central province of Yazd, had a turnout of 141%, the site said, quoting an unnamed "political expert". Kouhrang, in Chahar Mahaal Bakhtiari province, recorded a 132% turnout while Chadegan, in Isfahan province, had 120%.

Ayandeh's source said at least 200 polling stations across Iran recorded participation rates of 95% or above. "This is generally considered scientifically impossible because out of every given cohort of 20 voters, there will be at least one who is either ill, out of the country, has recently died or is unable to participate for some other reasons," the source said. "It is also unprecedented in the history of Iran and all other democratic countries."


Edward said...

I was thinking about this earlier (without those crazy numbers) but .. this shows a complete lack of any planning at all. Stuff the ballot boxes .. without any plan. This is ineptitude raised to unheard of levels .. ACORN never made a mistake THAT obvious.

GeronL said...

ACORN is truly growing internationally