Sunday, June 14, 2009

Protesters In Houston Demand Pelosi Resign! (Video)

Hundreds of angry protesters met Nancy Pelosi in Houston, Texas. They are angry about her lying about the CIA, high government spending, government takeovers and other topics. HOUSTON CHRONICLE reported:
In front of the Wortham Center, activists offered their own greetings to those attending the speech.

“Turn back while you still have the chance! Don’t support the liar!” Doug Audirsch, of Porter, shouted while hoisting a sign over his head that called for “Less 1984 — More 1776.”

Most of those making their way through the gantlet seemed to take the jeers and catcalls in stride. Some of the attendees blew kisses, while at least two made obscene gestures to the activists.

“I think they were probably prepared for this,” said Paul Kelver of Spring with a laugh. “She’s so far away from mainstream American that it’s unbelievable.”

Police estimated the crowd at 600. Houston Police Department officials at the scene said there were no reported incidents or arrests.

Houston Tea Party Society Protests Nancy Pelosi (video)

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