Friday, June 12, 2009

Should Shepard Smith be Fired?

Shepard Smith has made a series of very controversial remarks lately. He accused Fox News viewers of sending email that were becoming, "more and more frightening." Smith also validated the DHS report warning of right wing extremists after the Holocaust Museum shooting. He said, "It was a warning to us all, and it appears now they were right." We now know the Holocaust shooter was a socialist, Bush hating 9-11 denier. It appears Shepard Smith may have drank the Kool-Aid.

Media Matters reported:
On June 10, Fox News anchor Shepard Smith said the Holocaust Memorial Museum shooting validated a recent Department of Homeland Security (DHS) report alerting law enforcement to an increased threat from "rightwing extremists," including "white supremacists." Smith said: "[T]his is a former military guy and he's gone extremist. They were warning us for a reason -- not about something political or social or anything else. ... It was a warning to us all. And it appears now that they were right." Smith also said that he's receiving "more and more frightening" emails from viewers since President Obama's election, including conspiracy theories about Obama's birth certificate. In response to Smith's remarks about the Holocaust museum shooting, several conservative media figures have attacked Smith or called for his firing from Fox News.

During his June 11 radio program, Rush Limbaugh said of Smith's remarks: "For liberals to now claim that the atmosphere is somehow more violently anti-Obama is simply preposterous." Limbaugh also said Smith was "whining and moaning and complaining about emails." After stating that he, too, got "vile, sick emails," Limbaugh said, "Shep, you got nothing on anybody out there."


Jodigirl1000 said...

shep is the fnc resident liberal. - as a dedicated fnc vieaer, i just laugh at him & tell libs we keep shep to be fair & balanced

Boonie Girl said...

First off The Holocaust museum shooter was a registered Democrat! a LEFT WING NUT! that seems to be missing from Sheps reporting, as a matter of fact, right wing personalities were on this guys hate list, he was a liberal! Just as every other violent act has almost always been commited by a liberal group, i have yet to see one from a Right wing nut, (tiller case not included don't know much about that one yet) But it is clear that groups like weather underground set off bombs and such, unlike the right wing warning letter the left wing warning letter actually listed events and groups that had commited the acts, the right wing report 0 nothing nada nothing....But them libs just keep looking, the man was 89 Years old, so I guess Shep thinks we should just go out and find all the WWII vets and lock them up in interment camps the way roosevelt did the japanese huh? oh sorry another democrat that imprisoned his own people b/c of his paranoia, franklin delano roosevelt. said...

Keep him there. That way libs can't say "Fox News is ALL right-wing, all the time!" Regular Fox News viewers already know not to watch Smith's program anyway.

MAS1916 said...

Leftists like Shep are really good at one thing - complaining!

FNC needs this guy though for balance. He isn't bad, just misguided and perhaps the voices of reason elsewhere at Fox can enlighten him.