Saturday, June 27, 2009

Robert Gibbs Gets Dunked

From Asylum:
In the zaniest White House press briefing (a low bar, for sure) since Robert Gibbs started collecting cell phones, the press secretary took an out-of-the-blue swipe at the Fox News channel when a reporter mistakenly said that the deficit "keeps [Obama] asleep at night," instead of awake. Gibbs corrected him, and added, "Fox is what puts him to sleep."

As luck would have it, Fox would shortly get a shot at revenge. Gibbs announced that he would be among the victims in the Congressional Luau's dunk tank. Those of us in the press corps went nuts, challenging Gibbs to let us take some shots at him. He agreed. As we walked out to the South Lawn to witness Gibbs's fate, the president stuck his head out of the Oval Office and shouted, "Go get him, guys!" Great boss.

Last time I was in a dunking booth, my coworkers filled it with ice water.

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