Saturday, May 8, 2010

Judge Forced To Resign For Making Obama "Deal With The Devil" Satirical Movie

What ever happened to freedom of speech?

TPM reported:
A municipal court judge in New Jersey resigned this week after the state Supreme Court advised him not to promote his new movie -- a satire about President Obama's life that depicts him making a deal with the devil in order to become a communist dictator.

"It put me in an impossible position," the ex-judge, Kenneth Del Vecchio, told TPM in an interview today. "I had two choices: Either I could remain as a judge and shut up and have no free speech rights whatsoever ... or I had to resign."

Here is the trailer:

Excerpt: Trailer For O.B.A.M. Nude (mild language warning)

After watching the trailer, I think this could be a biography. J/K

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Anonymous said...

Liberals don't believe in free speech. If they don't agree with what you say, you are a racist or retard and should shut up.