Sunday, May 9, 2010

Video: Man Behind "Embarrassed Yet?" Billboard Speaks Out

The man responsible for the Obama "Embarrassed Yet?" and “Wake up” billboards is a retired doctor named Ellis Miller. Mr. Miller is frustrated by the health care bill and the Obama administration. He claims he is an Independent.
An East Texan is getting his point across with billboards. The signs voice simple thoughts on the Obama Administration.

The billboards began in Marshall, with the latest in Longview, taking jabs at the Obama Administration, with phrases like, “Embarrassed yet?” and “Wake up.”...


gina kelley said...

Love your sign. Please do what you can to protect our freedom and help to get obama out of office. he's the devil in disguise

gina kelley said...

Obamas change is destroying our country. Love your sign and please keep up your voice!