Friday, July 2, 2010

No Joke: Florida Passed New Law to Prevent Horse Thievery

If you thought concern over horse thievery was a thing of the past, you were wrong. A law to combat horse theft was among the new laws that went on the books Thursday in Florida.

The Miami Herald reported:
Another new law was passed in response to an uptick in horse thievery supplying a South Florida black market with the tender, low-fat meat that sells for up to $40 a pound..

Oh, and you will have to buy your bong at a tobacco store now.
Selling various pipes, some also known as bongs, that can be used to smoke illegal as well as legal substances will be banned in Florida except at stores that mostly sell tobacco. Even before going into effect, though, the "bong bill" drew a legal challenge from 26 specialty stores, often called "head shops," from across the state.

Thankfully, Florida's legislator didn't have to spend time doing any serious budget cutting this year. They increased spending for the first time in four years after being propped up with $2.3 billion in federal stimulus money.

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