Monday, July 12, 2010

Signs of Arizona boycotter’s regret

Boston city councilors are showing signs of boycotter’s regret. They kept a very low profile while Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was in town. Some polls show over 80% of Massachusetts resident support Arizona. Sometimes, it's best to not let your liberal emotions get the best of you.

Red-faced Boston city councilors who boldly voted to shun the state of Arizona over its new immigration crackdown are now showing signs of boycotter’s regret.

The grandstanding pols kept a low profile when the target of their boycott came to their city on Saturday. Some acknowledged taking a pass on the much-hyped protest of Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer for weekend vacations and other engagements - while one councilor even admitted the embargo was ill-conceived....

“If it had to be done all over again, there’d probably be more thought put into it and perhaps a hearing,” said Councilor John Tobin of West Roxbury. “It was an emotional issue and an emotional time. I think the sponsors were getting a lot of pressure to say something, to file something.”

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