Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why Did Lebron James Really Move to Miami?

Cleveland fans are wondering why did Lebron James move to Miami? Why did James abandon his hometown? He will be joining a great team in the Miami Heat. Of course, the weather is fantastic in southern Florida. We have to wonder if these reasons are enough to cause a man with "Loyalty" tattooed on his chest to abandon his hometown team. One serious consideration for Lebron James' decision to move to Miami is taxes. Rusk Limbaugh predicted, on July 1, 2010, Lebron James would decide to go to Miami because of the lower taxes in Florida. Ohio has a 7% state income tax. The other states Lebron considered moving to also have high state taxes. Florida has no income tax at all. Why was it critical for Lebron James to consult his accountant before deciding on the move to the Miami Heat? President Obama and democrats are setting up the biggest federal tax hike in history January 1, 2011. Democrats are allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire. This will negatively affect every American who pays federal income taxes, even those who only pay the 10% rate. Every tax bracket rate will increase, the marriage penalty will return, the standard deduction for children will be slashed and even death taxes will rise. By choosing the Miami heat, Lebron James will be able to save between $6 million and $8 million. By living in Miami, versus his home town of Akron, James will be able to offset some of the new taxes kicking in next year. We certainly feel sympathy for the disheartened Cleveland fans, but they should direct their anger at their governor and state legislators.


Anonymous said...

I would move to Miami to save $6 million.

Anonymous said...

Cleveland or Miami... Uh... after 7 years in his hometown. He knows things are going to start falling apart economically ( already has). He made a good decision for Lebron. I would also move to Miami to save $6 million even though he was getting paid more in Cleveland, but with taxes taking a big cut it probably wasn't a big difference money wise.

Anonymous said...

Corpses are leaving their graves in south Florida to buy Heat tickets - SHOCKING deets are at:

Peace! :-)