Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Iran plans on launching monkey into space...

No, not this monkey.

One of these monkeys.

Via Times of Israel:
It appears Iran has decided to play catch-up with the US and
the USSR Russia in the space race.
Reportedly, the Islamic Republic is looking to send a monkey into space — and return it alive. Iran tried unsuccessfully to launch a monkey into the heavens and bring it back to earth in 2011.
This latest attempt allegedly has a 10-day window for launch, beginning January 31.
Iran Space Agency head Hamid Fazeli told the semi-official Iranian news agency Mehr that monkeys set for the trial are currently in quarantine.
They will apparently be used to test the Pishgam capsule — ultimately meant to carry a human being — which has completed testing phases.

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Anonymous said...

I hope they succeed this time. I'm tired of Ahmadinejad being on earth.