Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Today's feel Good Story: Hugo Chavez on Life Support...

Stoke the fire in Hell. Hugo Chavez may be inbound soon...

Via Mail Online:
Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez is in an induced coma being kept alive by life support following complications during cancer surgery, it was claimed today.

Sources at the hospital in Cuba where he is being treated told a Spanish newspaper he was showing 'very weak' vital signs, adding that doctors could decide to switch off the machines 'at any moment'.

With rumours swirling that Chavez had taken a turn for the worse, Venezuela's Vice President Nicolas Maduro said the ailing president's condition remains 'delicate' three weeks after his cancer surgery.


Anonymous said...

He used Venezuelan "oil money" to make life easier for the poor. I feel sadness for him and for your
stoney heart.

Interested Bystander said...

Hey Anonymous,

Instead of spouting it, why not PROVE it.

Link a story that PROVES your comment.

I could post that Chavez sent me a billion bucks, but it doesn't make it so.