Friday, August 30, 2013

Is Your Congress Critter Avoiding You?

The old fashion town hall is becoming rare these days. Most Representatives are afraid to face their constituents in a uncontrolled situation.
This summer is all about keeping a safe distance from voters and sticking to the party script. Before Congress left town, House Democratic and Republican leaders handed out “tool kits” full of talking points and specific event ideas, along with sample editorials written and ready to be planted in hometown newspapers. This enables them to stay within the preprogrammed Washington bubble even when they’re outside the safety of the Beltway.
Both parties’ tool kits urge members to focus on small gatherings with friendly audiences, keeping in touch with the public on Facebook (FB) and Twitter. Democrats were told to play up Obamacare benefits. “Find a woman in your district who has a ‘pre-existing condition,’ such as being a breast cancer survivor, and who has had a hard time finding insurance, and hold a press conference,” party leaders suggest. Talk about immigration reform in “meet-and-greets with successful immigrant entrepreneurs from the district or from the state. Have them tell their inspirational story.”
 Here are a couple of samples of what strikes fear in Congressmen and women.

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