Monday, August 12, 2013

Rodeo clown banned for life for wearing Obama mask...

Don't ridicule the "Dear Leader."...
SEDALIA, Mo. (KSDK) - The rodeo clown who donned an Obama mask during a show at the Missouri State Fair over the weekend has been permanently banned from performer there ever again.
In a statement released to the media Monday afternoon, the commission apologized again for the rodeo clown’s actions and said they were inappropriate and not keeping with the fair’s standards.
The commission unanimously voted to ratify a decision by Missouri State Fair Director Mark Wolfe to ban the rodeo clown who wore the mask.  The clown was not identified.
Albert S. Watkins, attorney for Mark Ficken, the rodeo announcer at the Missouri State Fair, said the clown went off script and was the one who made the controversial comments about the president.
A witness who provided NewsChannel 5 with video and pictures of the clown claimed the announcer “whipped the audience into a lather” by repeatedly asking attendees if they wanted to see “Obama run down by a bull.”

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