Sunday, February 23, 2014

AARP's Medicare Advantage Insurer: Obamacare will cause them to “reduce benefits and pull back access”

UnitedHealthcare is the Medicare Advantage insurance pimped by AARP on their website; for a profit no doubt. Someone tell me again why the AARP betrayed seniors by supporting Obamacare.

Via The Daily Caller:
UnitedHealth Group is already dropping thousands of doctors from Medicare Advantage plans in the hope that the doctors’ expensive patients will also leave their UnitedHealth plans. UnitedHealth’s CEO told his investors early last year that the Affordable Care Act would force the company to “reduce benefits and pull back access” for consumers.
Obamacare, which raids $300 billion from the privately run Medicare Advantage program, is squarely to blame. The cuts will begin affecting many seniors in 2014 and also mandates new Medicare Advantage rate reductions.

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