Saturday, February 15, 2014

Socialized Medicine Update: Allegations of children illegally euthanized in Great Britain...

This is the medical system Obamacare supporters really wanted...
British doctors have secretly killed terminally sick children by giving them 'huge' overdoses of painkillers, it was claimed yesterday.
Hours after Belgium became the first country in the world to allow the euthanasia of children, a retired GP suggested it was already happening, informally, in Britain.
Dr Michael Irwin told an LBC Radio debate: 'It has happened in this country, very quietly. I know of one or two children over the last few years.'
He added: 'It has been done under the pretext of what we call Double Effect where the child has been given huge doses of painkillers and so on, in order to relieve discomfort, pain and other symptoms.'
Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, last night vowed to investigate but said he was not aware of specific cases.

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