Friday, February 21, 2014

Ag Secretary Vilsack thinks minority children are too dumb to know what a tomato is?


Via CNS News:
At the USDA’s annual Agricultural Outlook Forum on Thursday during a panel discussion about attracting young people to the farming industry, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack asked a panelist how she would convince an inner city “minority” child who “doesn’t even know what a tomato is.”
“Emily, I want you to envision an inner city child,” Vilsack said to Emily Oakley, interim director of the National Young Farmer Coalition. “Could be African American, could be Hispanic, could be Native American, Asian, whatever, a minority. You’re talking to that child.
“That child doesn’t even know what a tomato is much less what you are talking about,” Vilsack said. “I want you to convince that kid that he ought to think about farming.”
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