Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Meet Obama’s hand picked ‘genius’ running the dismantling of GM

From Glenn Beck via The Lonely Conservative:

Glenn Beck: Meet Obama’s hand picked ‘genius’ running the dismantling of GM

Have you heard about 31 year old Brian Deese, the so-called genius chosen by President Obama to oversee the dismantling of Government Motors and changing capitalism? Deese has no formal business education or training, no automobile industry experience, and no business experience. While in college (poli-sci major) he hosted a radio show called ”Bed Knobs and Beatnicks.” He then went on to work for the Center for American Progress, a left wing group funded by George Soros. He dropped out of law school to be one of Hillary Clinton’s top economic advisors and he’s now an economic advisor to Obama. That’s all folks! No other experience.

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AMB aka MNHockeyMama said...

Are we actually surprised that this guy doesn't have any experience? I mean, really? Like our President had any real experience before running for office? C'mon! Why should this kid be any different?